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“This tour was brilliant. I would highly recommend it for photographers of all levels, from beginners getting their bearings to those more experienced wanting to add that touch of magic to their photos.
It was informative, well organised and a heap of fun! Craig was an excellent teacher and every important aspect of photography was covered. The tour helped me finally master all the things I’d been trying to get my head around for ages. It made it all click into place and I walked away confident in my photography – finally using manual all the way.
I also loved the special ‘secret’ locations that we uncovered – they really taught us to look at things in a different way. Each location was selected in a way that naturally complemented the lesson delivered – be it apeture, shutter speed, composition, etc or any combination of the above – to achieve truly creative photography.
The quality of the accommodation and food was also brilliant – the lap of luxury. A great way to unwind after all the brilliant locations visited on the tour.

“Overall, the perfect way to learn photography. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Natalie Verheggen – Victoria

The photographic stops were majestic and awe inspiring and the hotels were little pockets of gold, the food was energy for the soul, especially the hazelnut chocolate pizza! and the camaraderie sublime. I will always remember the trip and was only sad it had to end so quickly,

“the fact that I was able to take away so much from a photography point of view was amazing.”

Every time I take a fabulous shot on my new Canon G12 I will think of you and be thankful that our paths met.
Michele Monro – Middlesex, England

I was simply looking to obtain the knowledge to get past the ‘auto’ setting on my camera, but the Australian Photo Tour experience turned out to be so much more: stunning off the beaten track locations, delicious food, expert tuition (both patient and good humoured) and the wonderful discovery that

“photography is a real creative pursuit that absorbs you in the moment and your immediate surroundings and opens your eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world”

—all of it so unexpected and so utterly stimulating.
Annie Shillington – New South Wales

l was recommended to go on Craig’s Photo Tours by two people that had experienced a life affirming three days with Craig. Photography was the catalyst that brought us together for the Apollo Bay / Otways photo tour, but the essence of our time with Craig was his sheer passion for life and seeing beautiful country we are all privileged to live in with new vision. It was also the laughter and camaraderie of our shared experiences together as we toured some of the world’s great beauty spots, ate great food and swapped stories together in the company of a man who is a born teacher. As a relative newcomer to photography, Craig has inspired me to want to be a good, and perhaps one day, a very good photographer. His tour has been immaculately researched to include great accommodation, always excellent food, and spectacular locations.

“Craig’s instruction was thoughtful, inspired and always encouraging, his attention to detail impressive. I still can’t believe how much we did and achieved over our three days with him.”

If someone had told me that I would be getting out of bed at 5am to see a sunrise and absolutely loving it I would have laughed at them. The tour was over far too quickly but the memories and the knowledge I have gained from Craig will stay with me forever. I have told Craig that his best form of advertising will always be word of mouth from delighted clients. I will shout my praises for Craig’s Australian Photo tours from the rooftops, as will my fellow photography enthusiasts, Annie and Ben.
Bruce Woodley – Victoria

For me, the tour of the Great Ocean Road was an opportunity to learn from the best in the business while photographing some of the most beautiful places in Australia. Craig doesn’t just drop you off and let you fend for yourself, he gives you one on one lessons to make sure you’re getting the most out of every location you visit.

“If you want the technical know how and inspiration to take your photography to the next level , then these tours are what you’ve been looking for.”

Plus did I mention that I had an awesome amount of fun?? The food, wine and great company were first class, just the ticket after a long days shooting!
Thanks you Craig for delivering a once in a lifetime photographic experience!
Ben Ryan – Queensland

WOW, what an amazing time Patricia and I had. Each of us have spent the past week reliving a wonderful time.

“Beautifully passionate, creative, inspiring people, awesome locations, brilliant food, wine and accommodation and most importantly our host Craig.”

Your generosity of time and professional knowledge, and commitment to all of us Craig made the trip so memorable and indeed worthwhile. Of course evidenced by the wonderful display of images you’ve posted on your website — Simply stunning, and kudos to everyone’s amazing results! I personally now have a great deal more knowledge and confidence to grow and develop my skills. Can’t thank you enough.
Tony Stewart – Victoria

Where do I begin? Well, I will start by saying that Craig truly inspired me to take MANUAL control of my camera – where I now tell it what to do and the best thing is that it was not hard because of Craig’s friendly personality that made the learning experience FUN, in a totally awesome part of our wonderful country.

“The accommodation, excellent variety of eating establishment and outstanding company where also a big plus.I personally recommend very highly to anyone that owns a camera that they do the Great Ocean Road tour with Australian Photo Tours.”

Thanks for a totally awesome and unforgettable weekend.
Caryl Kruger – Western Australia

We all think we can take photo’s. Having just completed a 3 day trip with Craig Newell of Australian Photo Tours, I am now, well on my way to being able to take great photo’s. Craig took us through composition, use of texture and negative space, seeing something out of nothing, and the more technical issues such as filter use, time and long exposures. Most importantly, Craig taught us how to use our cameras. I came away with a new level of confidence in my
photography, and have since surprised myself and friends with some of my shots. Craig had meticulously researched suitable sites, accommodation and
restaurants, so nothing was left to chance. The group was small, so we could pick Craig’s brain all day.

“I could highly recommend Australia Photo Tours
for photographers of all levels. Don’t be intimidated if you are a beginner-this will take you to the next level.”

Gregory Tilley – Victoria

My Canon EOS 450D with 17-55m lens and other necessary extras – a pair of the most comfy Keen walking boots, an umbrella, the guidance and inspiration of Craig and Australian Photo Tours … priceless!
What a fabulous weekend of endless photographic opportunities, fine food, accommodation and not to mention, awesome company. I could not have hoped to spend the weekend with a more delightful group of individuals, and although we all displayed varying degrees of photographic talent & prowess, we all got so much out of every photographic opportunity and every debrief.

“Most importantly, thanks Craig for sharing your experience & knowledge and of course, your endless supply of patience.”

I lost count of how many times I’d asked, “And which setting should I have my aperture or shutter speed on again”? I’ll never resort to the laziness of my auto settings again! Cheers Craig
Linda Tabone – Victoria

Thanks, Craig, for a sterling weekend.

“Your clear and genuine passion, enthusiasm and selfless guidance allowed me to get so much more than I’d anticipated out of the three days.”

It didn’t stop with the technical photography stuff though — the food, the accommodation, the backup plans (the Australian weather will necessitate that!) — all were just brilliant.
This would have to have been one of the best — and most productive — weekends away I’ve ever had.
Peter Ogden – Victoria

Craig is someone who will inspire you to capture your best photography that you have ever taken.
He is such a passionate, passionate teacher brimming with excitement for his craft.

“His contagious enthusiasm inspired me to see light and composition in such new ways and since the tour I haven’t been able to put my camera down!”

I feel it has been a real privledge having attended the Great Ocean Road photography tour with such superb accomodation, beautiful meals and excellent hosting by Craig. I learnt so, so much about the technical aspect of photography, but also now I have the confidence to keep photographing with my own artistic flair.
What a brilliant weekend and thank you Craig- your tours are exceptional!
Melinda Hart – Victoria